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Passion. Precision. Purpose.


Corcelettes Estate Winery, located on 150 acres in the pristine Similkameen Valley, blends passion, precision and science to craft expressive, small lot premium wines. Led by Charlie and Jesce Baessler, the skilled team at Corcelettes is committed to creating exceptional wines and experiences for visitors. In history the word “Corcelettes” described a royal garden; this has not changed with the team’s continued attention to the land and precision practices in both the vineyard and cellar. 
We place greatest care in our viticulture and believe in making our wine on the vine. Cultivating our estate vineyard and working closely with our local growers, no short cuts are ever taken in finding balance between viticulture, our environment, and winemaking. Our first vintage was in 2011, consisting of 200 cases. We currently craft 8000 cases of wine per year, with plans of increasing production based on new vineyard plantings. 
With 40 planted acres, we present a growing range of premium wines that showcase the stony, windswept terroir of the Similkameen. Our portfolio includes Bordeaux varietals, Syrah, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, crafted from Similkameen grown grapes. Each bottle captures an entire season of tending our land and every step of cultivating our grapes by hand, with great respect for our unique terroir.
Within each sip is the intensity of the sun against the hot, steep valley walls, and the notoriously powerful wind that sweeps the valley, and the gnarly, mixed stone & mineral rich soils in which our vines are rooted.
The Similkameen Valley is a rugged, magical place that is the Canadian wine industry’s best kept not-so-secret anymore, and we couldn’t be more proud to have planted our roots here.
We hope to share a story with our visitors, through an experience that is authentically Similkameen, that is the essence of our passion for crafting wine in this spectacular valley. 

Corcelettes consistently ranks in the Top 10 Small Wineries each year, in the National Wine Awards of Canada, as well as Top 10 overall in Canada and Top 10 BC Wineries 2023.
We currently are ranked #2 "Best Performing Small Winery" in the country, and we are very proud of that!
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Spirals are found in many ancient cultures and are considered symbols of energy, growth, progression and evolution.  The single spiral is one of the oldest, most sacred symbols in humanity and is a reminder of our evolving journey in life.
The spiral symbol resonates with the family and team at Corcelettes Estate Winery as we too continuously progress, grow and evolve – through our vineyards, our cellar and the wine in your glass.


Our Vineyards






We source most of our grapes from our Estate Vineyard and Middle Bench Vineyard. We also work with an awesome couple from Second Chance Vineyard in Cawston, who grow exceptional Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. We are 100% Similkameen Valley grown. 
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Our Team

We pride ourselves on the personalities behind our brand. We began as a Swiss family run micro-winery, now we continue to evolve with our partners and staff into what we believe is an outstanding business. Together we offer not only exceptional wines, but also a remarkable experience at Corcelettes Estate Winery. 
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Vineyard & Wine Industry Update...

February 27,2024
Greetings, Wine Friends and Family!
With winter in the rearview mirror and spring just over the horizon, it is time we share some updates.
As you may have recently seen on the news, the BC wine industry has been dealt a cold, cold hand. We have received many inquiries from you about how our last two winters have impacted our vines... here goes the report:
In December of 2022 and again in January of 2024, the Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys experienced weather phenomena known as Arctic Outflows. These are extremely vast and deep cold air masses resulting in complete crop loss. This happens when the fruit baring portion of our vines’ buds reach lethal temperatures of minus 27.  As a result of these cold temperatures, the vines themselves sustain significant long-term damage, compounded further by these back-to-back events. You can see in the image below, taken this week, the pruned spurs from last spring that didn't even grow shoots, let alone fruit. 
Because we are perfectionists in our craft, we have decided to undertake a large replant program of our vineyards. We continue to look for lessons in these last two winter events and our need for innovation has never been greater.  There is good news though- we have an opportunity to replant and rearrange varietals to more complimenting areas and soils across our 5 unique vineyards, use the latest technology and materials to increase our environmental sustainability, and no doubt, improve on the wine quality you’ve all come to love from Corcelettes.
Our spirits are unwavering, but this plan will take time. As a result of this replant project, our production will greatly reduce. We have pivoted hard over the last several years - fires, floods, a heat dome, hail, public health closures and travel bans on tourism - and these latest winters are no exception.  We will certainly deliver on all of this years’ wine club commitments and have many plans for 2025. We are extremely grateful for your support, now especially more than ever. 
No one ever said farming was easy, and no agricultural industry is without its risks. We’ve had a great number of impressive vintages behind us, and we are confident that there are more outstanding wines to come from Corcelettes- we just need to be patient, and wait for our new plantings to once again produce some of Canada’s greatest wines.
A small silver lining is that we still have our 2021 and 2022 red wines to be released, and they are nothing short of exceptional. Club members will of course have first priority access to all of these wines- commitment to our customers and providing direct-to-consumer service is (and always has been) our top priority at Corcelettes. 
You may notice that we may seem a little "quiet" on the promotional side of wine events and festivals, and that is part of our strategy to conserve wines and help to extend our inventory supply for our loyal customers. We are pulling back to focus attention where it is most needed- in our vineyards and at the winery, but rest assured that things around the farm will be anything but quiet. We have a lot of work ahead of us, and we are up for the task! 
If you have any questions or concerns at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
We thank you again for your support. We are blessed to have such a wonderful clientele along with us for this journey in wine- for the good times, and the challenging ones as well!
Charlie, Jesce, and the Team at Corcelettes 

And in much lighter news- we have recently finished planting 3 acres of Pinot Noir (3 different clones) on a site above our estate vineyard that ranges from 80-120m higher in elevation than the estate. This site is named "K Vista Vineyard" as it boasts an unparalleled view of the famous Keremeos "K Mountain".  We are very excited about this project and cannot wait to share with you the wines that are born from this new and charasmatic vineyard!

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