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White & Sparkling Wines

All wines below are available to order direct from our winery, we ship in cases of 6 bottles or 12 bottles, so be sure to make your selection accordingly. Feel free to mix up your selection for a great variety!

Our latest exciting project brings us to our newest venture- "Santé en Cannette"! This lower alcohol version of our "Santé Frizzante" is great for an active lifestyle, as is is perfect for enjoying with golf, picnics, the beach, you name it! With less than 80 calories a serving, this more "on the go" option is ready for whatever, whenever. 

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This ultra rich Viognier is so varietally true and is a great expression of how uniqe Similkameen terroir is. The nose of this wine is a ripe peach and apricot frenzy. Although bone dry, the palate is super rich and creamy, with flavours of candied ginger and marmalade. This Micro Lot never lasts long!

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Calling on all Chardonnay lovers! Our Chardonnay hails from our Estate vineyard, just below the dramatic rock cliff, where we have a scant 3 rows of 24 year old vines. Incredibly complex and hands down a stunning wine. If you love crisp mineral flavors, buttery and not "oaky" in your glass, this one is for you!

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